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Helsingin Energia - A forerunner in energy efficiency

Helsingin Energia is a forerunner in energy efficiency and one of the most significant energy companies in the Nordic countries. We have about 400,000 customers in Finland, and our district heating network covers over 90 % of Helsinki’s heating needs. We aim to achieve carbon-neutral energy production by 2050.

We produce electricity, district heat and district cooling energy-efficiently with an efficiency rate of over 90 %, which is among the highest in the world. We utilise the heat of waste water in district heat production and seawater in district cooling. Our operations, which comply with sustainable development, include a free-of-charge energy advisory service.

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For 150 years, the newspaper Hufvudstadsbladet (HBL) has deciphered the changes in the society surrounding us. We have reported on consequences and persons who have left their mark in history. Without the work of journalists these marks would be much weaker. Because of this, journalism defends its place in society – both today and tomorrow. At its best, HBL leaves a mark to the present day and its readers.


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Finland's Slot Machine Association (RAY)

Nearly half of all Finns play RAY’s exciting and entertaining games. All of the profits from RAY’s gaming operations are used for the promotion of welfare, with over a million euros distributed to important causes every day. This cooperation between the players, partners, organizations and hundreds of thousands of volunteers is a wholly unique way of promoting welfare.




The Cable Factory

Museum of Contemporary Art Kiasma

The French Institute in Finland